Eve Taylor Facials

ET London LogoAll our facials are tailored to suit your skin requirements, we include specialised face, eye and lip masks for that concentrated protection and nourishment and each facial includes two treatment extras:

Eve Taylor has over four decades of skincare knowledge and unites the very best of plant essences with the needs of the skin. Their products are only available through salon, spa and professional therapists. At spa indulgence we can offer professional home care advice and recommendation to ensure you get the right product for the right reason to benefit and maintain a regime appropriate to your skin care needs.

Eve Taylor Body Treatments

Using Eve Taylor’s natural aromatherapy products, we have four luxurious body treatments tailored for your relaxation or stimulation. Your therapist can advise Treatment £45.00


Exfoliating Body Scrub will be applied followed by body treatment oil rich in minerals contains Vitamins A, B, C, & E. Elimination mask will follow which eliminates toxins and at the same time a hydrating effect on the skin leaving the skin feeling supple and moisturised.

This treatment helps to boost circulation and assisting elimination encouraging fast removal of toxins.


Back will be cleansed with purfying wash followed by an exfoliation, treatment oil will then be applied. Marine Mud Body Wrap will be put on and finishing off with our rescue and repair.

This treatment is perfect for cleansing the back especially for problematic skin leaving your back feeling refreshed and soft.


Our finely ground sea salt infused with essential oils of jasmine and ylang ylang soothe the senses while the dull, dry skin cells are buffed away. Skin drenching moisturizers conclude the treatment leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Price List

Treatment Time Price
Eve Taylor balancing facial 30 min £30
1 hour £45
Eve Taylor soothing facial 30 min £30
1 hour £45
luxury facial 1 hour 15 Minutes £50
Eve Taylor purifying facial 30 min £30
1 hour £45
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